Our unique trademarked Tea Without Tears program is a highly respected socially responsible global brand that is widely known for its commitment toward the protection of people and the environment.

Tea with a Conscience

Started in 2008, the program is a continuous CSR initiative recognised by the UN Global COMPACT programme that looks into critical areas of sustainability, aimed at looking after our most valued assets; Our People and Our Environment.


Caring for Growers

Each and every person engaged in our Tea Without Tears supply chain contributes to creating the finest quality sustainable tea from the heart of Ceylon. The program has been focused on the following core elements for our people; protecting fundamental rights; financial assistance; eliminating discrimination and forced labour.

Sustainable Approach

Tea is a precious gift from the earth and the Tea Without Tears program acknowledges this and pays homage to the environment through the following initiatives to preserve the natural resources of the land by implementing a “No Waste” policy at plantation “Giving Back to the Environment” through actively reducing our carbon footprint and the development of sustainable technologies.