Quality Experiences Every Time

Delight your members and guests with our gourmet coffees which have been designed specifically for the club industry. This unique range has been carefully blended, masterfully roasted and sealed to provide a fresh and enjoyable coffee experience. The complex and balanced flavours of our range of blends have been designed to satisfy both the coffee lovers and to provide a new profit potential for your club’s beverage program.

Optimal Freshness

We roast daily and ensure that Club Café coffees are delivered to your club at the optimal stage of freshness.

Unique Process

Our unique energy efficient process harnesses a hybrid coffee roasting system to combine tradition & technology

Quality Control

Our HACCP accredited roasting system is a closed system ensuring food safety, product quality and absolute consistency

Care Trade

Our Trademarked process stands for fairness and sustainability, contributing to ethical programs to make a difference here & abroad

Platinum Blend

No sacrifices were made when designing this premium espresso blend which has been masterfully crafted to offer a wonderful experience of complex flavours. With its pleasant, spiced floral aroma and sweet nutty caramel flavour notes, this coffee maintains a standard found at the best coffee destinations.


Signature Blend

Aptly named for its smooth and mildly complex flavours, which are a soft balance of nutty chocolate and dried berries. This blend has a certain brightness to it and a sweet aroma that is smooth and rich with lasting flavours. Blended using high grown beans from the Central American Mountain region, this predominant Arabica coffee offers a truly satisfying coffee experience.

Bar Espresso Blend

This purpose-built Espresso blend is becoming a real favourite and achieves its goal to satisfy a wide range of coffee palates. Abounding in Créma, with rich chocolate hazelnut flavours and a vibrant mouth feel, our Bar Espresso blend is a proven winner.


Classico Blend

Designed for versatility, to be used in both traditional espresso and bean-to-cup vending machines, this blend has plenty of punch with a full bodied palate and well balanced acidity offering a very deep and strong coffee experience.

Rainforest Alliance Blend

Designed specifically for coffee lovers who understand the importance of sustainability but who also enjoy their coffee, this superb blend is designed using the highest grade of coffee sourced from Rainforest Alliance accredited coffee plantations.