We’re passionate about delivering the very best coffee experience to your patrons across each and every category of service including vending. We have worked with our expert team to develop the Club Cafe powdered and instant range of beverages to deliver a sumptuous and practical range of products.


Granulated Vending Milk

Containing 98% Australian milk, your members and guests can enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate with that pure milk flavour at the push of a button. Our whole milk product, sourced from the finest dairy fields of Australia, was designed for coffee vending systems and due to its fine granulation, flows freely and creates a layer of thick froth to give the purest experience possible.

Crema Topping

The Club Cafe Crema Topping product is one of the best available in the vending category in today’s market. Specifically formulated for vending machines, this product offers a great mouth-feel and rapid dissolve time, resulting in excellent flow-ability and mix-ability and minimal residue in the cup. The unusually high levels of milk proteins offer superior frothing action, ensuring that every beverage is finished with a creamy layer of milk foam.


Chai Latte Mix

This traditional tea based latte beverage, rich and smooth in its taste profile with suitable exotic flavour tones to create a truly distinctive flavour, is an excellent option for the café or vending operator to create a diverse product offering. With a more exotic taste profile than the above product, the Spiced Chai Latte Mix is complex blend of black tea, real spices and natural flavours producing a latte into a rich experience.

Spiced Chai Latte

This tea based latte beverage is the perfect blend of creamy milk texture and traditional chai flavours. Club Café chai is truly distinctive in flavour and is an excellent option for the café or vending operator to create a diverse product offering.


French Vanilla Caffé

The Club Cafe French Vanilla Caffé product follows the classic European combination of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and milk. This product is growing in popularity due to the rise in speciality drinks in the coffee sector.

Freeze Dried Coffee

Club Cafe Premium Freeze Dried Coffee offers excellent body, balanced flavour and rich aromas. This product has been designed to perform well in the vending machine allowing fast dissolving times and great mouth feel when mixed with our milk topping products.


Freeze Dried Tea

Manufactured from real whole-leaf tea, the Vienna Premium Freeze Dried Tea produces a quality full-flavoured product. This products formulation was designed to work very effectively in vending machines offering a rich infusion of tastes and aromas.