We're passionate about our distinctive cocoa flavours. Our range of Drinking Chocolates provides a lusciously rich and creamy experience for customers of any age.

Finest Cocoa

Finest Cocoa

We’ve sourced the very finest Cocoa when designing our range of luscious hot chocolates to add to your venues café menu. That’s why we use the ethically produced, Dutch processed, Bary Callebaut range of premium cocoa powders which is recognised globally for their unique array of distinctive cocoa flavours and textures.

Ethically Sourced

Our cocoa suppliers help to improve the social, environmental and economic standing of cocoa growers, labourers and their surrounding communities in major growing regions by implementing a broad range of programs and partnerships focused on implementing sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible agricultural practices to improve the livelihoods of local growers


Belgian Drinking Chocolate

Our Belgian Drinking chocolate blend is a chocolate lover’s delight. This powdered rich dark chocolate can be made simply when added with fresh milk and steamed at the espresso machine. With less sweetness and higher percentage of high-grade, cocoa powder, this very chocolaty and buttery hot chocolate is a truly decadent beverage experience.

Rich Drinking Chocolate

This product produces a lusciously rich and creamy hot chocolate drink and is guaranteed to satisfy a broad variety of consumers. It has been specially formulated to perform exceptionally well in both the espresso bar setting as well as hot beverage vending machines, with quality flavour, mouth feel, colour and excellent mix-ability.